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With Geo Fencing and intelligent mapping software, your fleet or workforce can be remotely monitored so you can easily
Time / Attendance
The GPS Plus system records time and attendance and location of your staff, it can also be used for your staff to make regular check ins.
Our lone worker devices records information on an online database, which can be queried to deliver reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Cloud Services
We operate a cloud storage service, we can store the information derived from this units for any lenght of time upto 60 months.
British Standards
Our lone worker units are compliant with the existing and planned British Standards. So by using our system you are protecting your lone workers to British Standards
If you purchase ten or more of these units, then you will be given a training credit, which can be use on any of our training course, including train the trainer.


Our devices, have customable functions making them the most fully featured lone worker device.


Our Lone Worker Devices have a proven record for durability and suitabily for lone worker protection.


GPS plus have lone worker devices that are available to rent or buy, from less than &gbp;1 a day